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Music history

Music history

There are different periods of music history, including:

  • Medieval (to 1450)

This period relates to the middle ages, where most music was vocal.

“Da-da-da-da,” Mandy began to sing one of Beethoven’s symphonies.

“But I mean, there were hardly instruments – just voice!” Jamie replied.

The 2 types of music present included (1) church music, which was sacred; and (2) secular music, which was not from the church, but rather folk (popular) music.

Church music consisted mostly of singing melodies, which is known as “monophonic”. It involved mostly male singers, singing and chanting plain songs, just as if a prayer.

It wasn’t until 900-1200 did polyphony start.

  • Renaissance (1450-1600)

The Renaissance period was representative of sacred-church, and plainsong-chant music.

  • Baroque (1600-1750)

The Baroque period was initiated by Antonic Vivaldi, introducing an extravagant style, marked by instrumental music which was secular. There was still homophonic vocal music, but the polyphonic music was in the main. There was also multi-movement vocal works.

J.S. Bach also introduced contrapunctual, providing more contrast.

There was a new form of music introduced known as the Sonata.

  • Classical (1750-1810)
  • Romantic (1810-1910)
  • 20th century (1910-now)