Freedom of Thought

Who judges when thoughts are absurd or questions ones sanity?  
What is the border to what’s normal and one thats insane?  

I want to be free to think,
to think outside,
to think strange things,
to just think and imagine.  

Why is this world so boxed up, so guarded? 
Why couldn’t I have a moment to think negative, bitter things. 
When mourning, when struck by news or things gone out of control,
isn’t it okay to think strange things once in a while?  

Isn’t it okay to be blurred,
to get so muddled up in thought
that you can barely do the normal things like clean up a room? 
Isn’t it okay to get so stuck on something
that you forget what you’ve conversed with someone about.  

Why do doctors get the power to rule over and claim ones sanity or not.  
Why do others control what jobs people with mental illness have?  
Don’t we all have freedom to pursue things that make us happy?  

But this world is not nice to those with clouded, busy minds.  
Puts us in physical or chemical cells that we’re not allowed to leave,
maybe not even for the rest of our lives.  
Sometimes it even blocks me from believing there’s hope
of finding someone who will just love me for who I am. 

Aren’t we all given a right to our own hearts? 
Aren’t we all human beings whether or not
we have different brains that work in funny unique ways?  

O God can you intervene, intercede for us people with mental illness. 
Thank God you are the true Advocate. 
You know our hearts, deeply through and through. 

Thank God that you are who you are, all knowing, all powerful, ever present. 
You can penetrate the minds of those in high places. 
You are the Great Authority. 
And the reason I can respect and love those above me
is because you are the great ruler above them all. 

Thank you God, for your never departing love and grace. 
Thank you that you give me hope of another new day. 
Thank you that you give my mind true, deep rest. 
And thank you even when I don’t understand. 

Thank you that you are above all things
and I can trust in you with every part of my mind, body and spirit. 
And I pray whoever reads this will understand and keep us in their prayers too.