He say’s blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God.  Whose pure in this world Lord but a child?  Can I return to being like them?  

Some things and people I wanted, to stay.  When pain of losing or wanting someone so badly came before me, You helped me hold it through.  You brought me through the darkest of days.  

They tried to control me through their fear tactics but none of that would do.  You gave me hope, You pulled me out of the hole, away from the storm.  And now you surround me with such good company.  Company that appreciate me for just being, even just sharing laughs.  They remind me of my purpose, that I was made to build others up, to remember the Greatest Joy, the Greatest Love behind life.  

Now as I wait, I wait hopefully.  Without a hesitation of doubt, although I don’t know what’s coming, I know I can trust in Him.  To whoever He brings into my life I will trust He is doing His work.  

I honestly can’t see, I can’t see what’s coming, I don’t even know if I can trust my own feelings, but all I know is He is good in every season.  He gave me only what I could bare and slowly built me up for every trial.  I’m so thankful for Him.  

Far from perfect, far from being a picture of success or whatever, but he reminds me of who I am in Him, made pure again and again even after falling.  Please don’t let me make it a license for sin but a celebration of being able to return to him after feeling lower than dirt.  

They don’t understand, they don’t see, but it’s okay they don’t need to.  You know, You see the truth.