Making Use of It All

Can I jump into it all?  All the potential, can I use it all?
I want to harness it all and make something of it that will make you happy Lord.
I want to reach the dreams & live in it. 

Procrastination and dread creeps up on me,
preventing me from working. 
Lord, don’t let these overcome me. 

I don’t understand why some days I wake up
and I don’t want to go to work. 
Is it because I haven’t gotten where you’re calling me yet? 

I want to use all my time doing the things on your heart. 
Away from all this distraction that consumes me right now. 
Let my stress be used for some good. 
Let the adrenaline rush for the right things, and let me serve you wholeheartedly. 

I am yours Lord. 
I want to reflect you and your heart, with all its true beauty. 
Rid me of all vanity, pride and selfishness. 
Let me rather invest all this energy into your kingdom. 
Teach me how to reach out to those sheep, in a way they will receive. 
Help me reach out a hand gently to feed them if it be your will. 
Let them not hunger or go astray again. 

Lead me each day Lord. 
Show me how to live,
live it all out.  

Would you look the other way? 
Would you take the other side? 
Would you ignore the missteps?
Would you ever make a habit of procrastination? 
Would you be afraid to help? 
Do you ever have a moment of indecision? 
I guess not. 

Help me live more like you do. 
Help me know who you called me to be. 
And let me not waver in doing.  

You never get lost in all the detail.
You see the picture, and you love it.
With my pinpointing eyes, help me step back and not lose the plot.