Living & Growing by Christ

Let me not lose integrity to myself.
Let me trust You alone, not even myself. 
You are worthy of all praise. 

When I turn to myself
I find I’m only betrayed by my deceiving thoughts.
Drawn by worldly enticements.
O God help me face it all again and again, every moment.

Didn’t You say spirit gives to spirit and flesh to flesh?
Where’s my spirit gone and why does my flesh overtake me?
Please don’t let it. Don’t forsake me. Don’t give up on me.

I am weak but You are strong.
You are Spirit and You are Truth,
So please I beg You, call me back to You.

Please drive out my sin O Lord.
Let those parts of me fear and tremble,
No longer having any power to influence how I act. 
Let it depart from me.

You give me each day a renewed hope. 
Freedom from myself and those around me.
Power to make a change, to bring a smile, to catch some laughter.
You give me a value that no one can ever take away from me. 

Claimed me as Your own
Washed my sin away.
You spoke the Word so I could repent.
O how can I bear trespass again?

Like a butterfly from a caterpillar.  With a new beauty.  
Let us be fruitful in You.
Let us abide in You as You abide in us for some strange reason.  

Build us up, Your body Lord
In love, direct, discipline & unite us.
In love may we speak to one another
Seeking truth & diligently doing our individual parts.

Let peace rule our hearts and entire beings.
Because You are here and always near.
Let my thoughts no longer plague me.
I’m set free by You.

Rather, let my thoughts be for Your people.
Give reassurance that we shall see You face to face.
Be held in Your embrace.
See Your splendour and pure love.

Teach us to love & refine our innermost parts.
Reach into our hearts & lead us back to You.
May Your will be done eternally.