Building Hearts

God, you know hearts,
you know the truth.
You equip, you speak.

Lord, breathe in us.  
Look at this community and keep building us up if it be your will.  
Move, in their families, help the teachers and pastoral supports know how to help.  
Give us wisdom.  

Write the word in our hearts.  
Sing it to us from the rising of the sun 
to the setting of the moon.  

Are we too much Lord?  
Tell us when what we’re doing is hurting you.  
Show us what we can do.  

Sow your seeds and water us over.  
Don’t forget about us as I forgot about those in my garden.  
Lord, thank you that you are the great gardener.   
Remind me to drink from your living waters daily.  
Let me draw my energy from you and only you.  

Thank you for the energy you gave me when you let me work with those children.  
Thank you that you gave me a renewed heart
and confidence to face the conflict that sometimes stood ahead of me.  

Your love is what I live for.  
The reflection of your hand over our lives.  
Lord, I know you do heal, but why are there so many moments when I don’t have the answers.  
Why do you choose to touch one and not the other?  
But remind me it was all a gift to begin with, this life.  

Freedom, forgiveness, redemption,
they were all gifts,
never owed, never earnt.