Heart of Devotion 

Lord, I want to get it right 
This time

I know you know I’ve been waiting.  
I know I haven’t planned it all the way.  
I know you see the true picture, the length, depth and width of what will be.  

I know I wished prejudices never kept relationships apart.  
But what’s the truth Lord?  
You know I can’t bear breaking hearts of my beloved ones.  

You see me through every season.  
You know me through and through.  
You’ve seen me at my weakest, when everything was falling apart.  
You’ve seen me through my strongest periods when everything was going perfectly, and I seemingly kept on jumping through hoops.  

I know you orchestrate everything perfectly.  
But this time, this time I want it to be real.  
I want to set all things aside and commit myself to what you have always wanted.  

Please help me devote myself fully to you.  
Leave my flesh aside and all its entices and wait upon you.  
For your perfect plan to proceed.  

Let what I desire become more and more like what you have always desired
from the beginning of time.  
Let what my thoughts bounce back on and become more like what your thoughts
have always been founded upon.  

I trust in you, but please let me not forget this.  
To place myself body, mind and soul to you.  
I am yours, forever yours, even if earth departs, I am yours.  

Wherever I go, whatever decision I make, I pray you lead.  
Because my life depends on you, the giver of life.  
I never want to walk where you haven’t anointed the way before me.  
I just want to walk where you go, follow you everywhere, trusting in your promises of perfect peace.  

People in the past around me have focused on all the negative and darkness, and sometimes it consumed them.  
Please don’t give up on us, even if it might’ve been a passing moment, whether or not it was to their finality.  
You know the truth, you know our hearts.  

How is it that you see from the eyes of a loving father?  
How is it that I am still here and they are gone?  
How is it that I feel like I’m a thousand worlds from where I was hoping to be?  

But I trust in you where you are taking me.  
I’m not perfect but in my imperfection you make me new again.   
Thank you for your incredible grace that was truly unmerited.  
Nothing I could’ve or can ever do to deserve it.  

Let me devote my life to you till eternity.  
And let every word I write be a song of praise to You.  
For You are King of all kings and Lord of all lords. 

No matter what anyone says, You always remain. 
And everyone can trust in You and Your truths through eternity.