Hope Surpassing Nature

When fears swallow me up,
God gives me hope that I can come back up and overcome them.  
The greatest hope He gave me is a new life, new beginnings.

My sin has no claim on me anymore.  
I’m no longer restrained by them,
But God has given me the strength to overcome it all.  

He has given me even the freedom to write and express myself.  
How great is my living God.  
God of all creation.    

He lived on earth, breathed,
Experienced separation and anguish to show that He can relate to us.  
He never promised a life full of daisies.  
Can’t you see even roses have their thorns? 

How much I wanted to ask God to take it all away from me,
But how much He reminds me of His beauty and hope.  
Waiting is painful but necessary for the enduring ending picture.  
Time isn’t the same in His eyes or hands, I’ll need to trust Him with it.  

Let me use every minute,
Every second of my life to its fullest in declaring You praises Lord.  
Stop me from going back into complacency.  
Step me forward with Your Grace.  

Teach me to dance even through the rain.  
Jumping everyday into the new potentials. 
Just like the enjoyment of splashing puddles.  

Let me not be afraid of the mess,
Rather embrace it all. 
Living life with Grace.