Freedom Embraced

Walking, I see the sun shining brightly

as if it can’t hide its smile.  

It radiates its heat through my hair,

illuminating it.  


It taps me on the shoulders,

reminding me that I am loved. 

Hugs me, but freeingly so that I can surrender

in return with arms open wide,

fingers spread like stars flying freely in his presence.  


Just like that unforgotten hand held out,

waiting to be recieved

and squeezed to share an embrace.

To be appreciated, for just being.  


It touches my teeth that can’t help but reflect it.  

My softly but strongly upturned lips stay,

waiting, waiting, staying.  

How’s it gonna be in perfect intimacy with Him?


Inside me energy stirs and burns up.

Then I run and leap.  

O’ the little ones. 

Did you see them too?  


They followed, they leapt too.  

O’ did you see when they forgot all insecurity,

forgot any mistakes or hindrances. 


Nothing holding them back

they just leapt.

How my soul danced with joy,

seeing living miracles in front of me.  


What a blessing, a true blessing

it was to influence a leap of faith.  

To see it outlived.


Who am I to receive it?   

Thank you God, thank you Lord.

Thank you Jesus, my best friend.