He gave visions. 

Spoke through people.  

Giving comfort, knowing we will see Him.  

But I don’t just want to see Him, I want to see Him smile and be pleased with me.  

I want to live those visions on my knees, praising and praying to Him with those beautiful children.  

I don’t want to continue living in stagnant complacency or cyclical sin.

I want to rest with Him, knowing the people I love are alright.  

To know that any supposed final mistakes they may have taken weren’t enough to steal their souls.  

I want to see real freedom.  

But maybe the truth is we had freedoms we didn’t see.  

Simple things like being able to hold up a hand, pay for a bill or the ability to amend one.  

He did, he paid for something much greater than my bills.  

He paid for my soul.  

I never earned it.  

But O how much I needed it.  

My life is His, and so is all my strength.  

Thank God that we have Him. 

May His sheep hear His voice. 

May He make a way for them to always return to him after each day of grazing and searching for the greener grass.