Never Ceasing Grace

Pure love is endless, through every season.  
It helps you endure through the toughest of times. 
Strives through hardship. 
It’s fearless, standing courageously in full faith, believing the better of people but never being destroyed by those who may fail to meet the “mark”.  

What’s more pure love than you Jesus?  
You proclaim your name through our lives. 
Oh what a great blessing that is to have. 
You enable us to become your mouthpieces, your hands and feet. 

You remind us not to fear any opposition as you stand by our side.
Leading our way through. 
You manifest your spiritual fruits in us.  
You’re the great gardener that never misses a moment, never makes us run dry. 

Building us up and helping us bloom in a time unique and unplanned by us.  
We may try to think up and manipulate to get our own ways, but it never leads us anywhere. 
There’s always the unknown. 
Only you know the truth, and lead us through the deepest of valleys.  

Only you are pure and blameless.
But for some strange reason, you let your attributes rub off on us.
You transform us, the way we live, in thought and action. 
O Lord, help me never look back.  
Help me stay here with you in this moment and every moment to come.  
Quench me Lord, if it be your will. 
Well up inside me.  

I can’t explain it fully.  
The exploration of life. 
Through the moments when we feel halted.  
The times we feel useless and a burden.  
Why do these come?  
Oh but they did remind me of my smallness in face of your greatness.  
Like the little spec in Horton Hears a Who.  

I want to be able to do things, 
Great things for you, for your people, for this broken world.  
I want to change things for the better. 
I want to tickle them inside out till they can’t contain it no more.  
But I can only do this with you.  
Otherwise everything I’d do would be in vain.  
Because it was and is all you, from beginning to the end.  

I never want to run far from you.  
I want to remain always in your presence if you let me.  
But please help me lord to face all the darkness even that that resides deep inside my own heart and mind.  
By your strength I stand.  
In you alone.  

I’m sorry I can’t do this alone.  
Only by you.  
In you I am found forever. 
At last I have found my lover. 
I never knew I’d find. 
It’s you, it’s always been you.  
No one on earth is like you.  

Thank you for your son, who set me free.  
Like a dove, like a messenger.  
I can fly, as I dreamed at last.  
With the branch in my beak of promises of dry land from the promise land. 
One that isn’t how I thought, but a place with you.  
That’s all that matters at the end.  

I might be wrong, in my pictures, in my attempts to explain.
I might be wrong, but you never will be. 
So correct me Lord.  
Teach me, rebuke me, and help me be brave.  
I’m your’s forever. 
Thank you that I can be.  

Thank you that you said you started a good work in us, and will carry through to completion on the day you return.  
Thank you that you never cease to intercede for us.  
Eagerly I wait for that moment in perfect intimacy with you.