The Gift of Faith

Something never earned but received. 

Just like that unexpected hand held out to be received. 

Freely embraced back.

Dancing, dancing in His never forsaking embrace.  


Received as his adopted child, valued, not shoved aside, rendered useless or ignored.

Actively pursued and considered beloved.    

Not demanded to do anything to remain in that position.   

No longer wanting my own way but wanting His more. 


Still fearful and asking Him to not forsake if I fall the wrong way.  

But rest assured I’m safe.

Reminded He’ll catch me under his shelter in the storm no matter how ugly things get.  


Lord, thank you that you reach out to me even in the depths of my sin. Reminded by my brothers. 

When my heart wants nothing more but to rebel. 

Mind rushes into indulging in fleshful urges. 

He does rescue me. Gives me a renewed hope. 

Reminds me that I am enough not because of myself but because He restored and redeemed me.


What great gift of love and grace that is.  

How grateful I am for that.  

Yes I’ll go running, yes I’ll go racing toward Him. 

Until we’re face to face, held in a tight embrace.  

Perfectly united.