Homelessness, Was It My Greed?

How can people have no house to stay in?  
Why do I keep studying and how can I help?  
Is it my greed? Is it her greed?  
How can it be their greed, didn’t I eat more than her?

Did I rush?  
Was he thirsty or hungry?  
He didn’t ask but do I?  
I need you God. 

God I don’t know how to help.  
I’m scared.  

Please give them a roof over their head and food to eat.  
Thank you that he has a bike to use.  
Take care of him in this warm weather.  

You are the great caregiver.  
You listen, you speak.  
You run after the lost sheep.  

You are the Father, you are the Son, and you are the Holy Spirit.  
Thank you that you never forsake us.  
Thank you that you always keep the promises you make.  
Thank you that you’re my best friend.  Thank you that you are and always were by my side.  

And when I fell you caught me.  
God, give me a little more strength to know where I can help.  
Courage to step into it.  
Help me build smiles on their faces if it be your will.  

Walking outside… I wonder how’d it be if this were my home?
There’s some freedom in it. Freedom from some of these suffocating responsibilities.
Stepping out I think of all it could be.
Free from having to wash it all off every single day.

When there’s a cool breeze the nostalgia hits me.
I remember goodbyes that came unknowingly, a long time ago.
I think what if I were abandoned? What if they didn’t care so much?
How different life would be.

But when it’s hot I feel I can hardly breathe.
How do people live in this heat?
Please take care of them. These beautiful people.