The Great Reliance 

The wind blows against the windowpane. 

Blue hues is all I see, with grey blended in. 

What’s changed has changed. 

People gone, never to return.

Tales turned real by conscious decisions.

Where have they gone, where’s their spirit? 

Please Holy Spirit, dwell inside of us. Please never forsake. 

Your loving embrace is all I need. All they need. 

You are the air that sustains me.

Who am I to have it, but O how much I live by it.

Some mysteries I will never be able to unravel. 

Countless questions in my head.

Help me lay it all down at your feet.

Help me to trust you in the rain.

Despite my desire to run away, despite my need to hide away.

What do you want me to do now Lord. What do you want from me. If there is anything I can offer to you Lord. Let it be my entire heart, my entire life.

After all remember all those times, all those moments I wanted to give up too. 

You never ran out on me, never gave up. 

Never demanded of me like they did. 

Never abandoned me or had a moment you didn’t know what I needed. 

Father, thank you for being my dad, my heavenly dad. Thank you that you’re one example my earthly dad can look up to. 

You saw and still see every struggle but you still call me worthy, worthy of your love, your true grace and forgiveness.

Please help me turn away from my constant ways. Because truly your ways are higher than my ways and your thoughts are higher than my thoughts. 

You know the desires of my heart, which ones are good and which are bad.

Help me live in a transformed way, by your strength, with your courage and love.

I know in my weakness I am strong, in YOU. 

Thank you Lord. 

I am yours and forever yours.