losing someone. 

Losing them for good.  I remember him Lord.  I still remember the first day we met, he stood there smiling, greeting me in his thick accent, and introducing himself.  I don’t always remember every first encounter but that one was memorable. What do you want to do with the memories?  He was good, so good, can’t you see that Lord?  Life has moved on so fast, as if it forgot him but time doesn’t ever completely wipe him from our memories.  I pray Lord be with him wherever he is, let him be free with you.  Let his cheerful countenance never leave him at least in our memories.  And please, I beg you to never let me lose another soul again like that.  To the disease of the mind.  Sometimes it hurts right through my soul where it seems that continually troubled waters go.  But there’s some beauty in the shattered pieces and brokenness that he tried to be rid of but didn’t realise remained.  Nevermind their permanence. Instead, help us make them into beautiful mosaic compositions, each of us with our unique memories and experiences with him.   How does the peaceful waterfall flow except only through falling water?  I love him and always will.  Thank you for him Lord.