Speaks Through the Silence

Moments where no words are enough

To fill the gaps

Goodbyes that were never said.


He still speaks through it all.

Teaches us this annoying patience.

Is He coming?

Or is He already here?

That spirit that dwells inside of us.

That conviction to do good will.

Despite what others do around us.

Knowing the difference between following all the rules

and breaking them to help another from falling or hurting themselves. 

Sometimes frustration sets in

But should I let it?

Why do I keep wrestling with what I have no control over?

Memories I’m left with, that I have no idea what to do with sometimes. 

Thoughts I wish would never come.

What shall I do?

Oh Lord please help me live a life worthy of your calling.

Help me put a smile on your face.

This is all I desire in my lifetime.

Be the center. 

Even though I’ve never deserved you, nor this life.

Rather deserving to burn in hell.

But thank you for this glimpse of hope

that you’ve never let me lose sight of.

Oh this free hope and forgiveness that I hope all my friends and family,

even the distant ones would see and take hold of. 

I love you Lord.

Please less of me, more of you.  

No righteousness or power of my own but all from you God.

Because of your precious son.

Thank you, thank you so much.  

No I won’t forget them, the lost ones. 

Keep loving them Lord, if that be your incomprehensible will. 

Keep growing these passions for the things on your heart. 

In the name of Jesus Christ,