Natural Disasters - Forest fire

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A forest fire is a natural disaster consisting of a fire which destroys a forested area, and can be a great danger to people who live in forests as well as wildlife. Forest fires are generally started by lightning, but also by human negligence or arson, and can burn thousands of square kilometers.

Forest fires, also known as wildfires, vegetation fire, grass fire, brush fire or bush fire, is common in vegetated areas of Australia, South Africa, United States and Canada, where climates are sufficiently moist to allow the growth of trees, but feature extended hot and dry periods.

Forest fires are caused by the drying out of branches, leaves and therefore becomes highly flammable.

Fires can do weird things including:

  • Crawling - spreads from bush to bush

  • Crown - spread at an incredible pace through the top of the forest.  These are dangerous as it can deprive people under the fire of oxygen to feed the fire.

  • Jumping / Spotting - Burning branches and leaves carried away by wind

To prevent fires, there are large firefighter services including planes, fire trucks, as well as small extinguishers depending on the severity of the fire.


  • Oakland Hills firestorm.

A massive forest fire



The Old Fire burning in the San Bernardino Mountains (image taken from the International Space Station)


Bitterroot National Forest wildfire

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