Natural Disasters - Blizzards and Snowstorms

Blizzards - Earthquake - Flood - Forest fire  - Hurricanes - Tornado - Tsunami - Volcano

A Blizzard is a violent snowstorm.

Weather forecasters classify a Blizzard when:

  • Winds are above 35mph
  • Temperatures under -7� C
  • You cannot view 400m ahead
  • For at least three hours.

A result of a blizzard is reduced visibility, therefore can cause car crashes, hypothermia, and disruptions to transportation and power distribution systems.

An extreme form of a blizzard is a white-out which makes it impossible to distinguish the difference between the ground and the air.  People can easily become lost in these circumstances.

Blizzards are common in north-eastern United States and upper Midwest.

Blizzards are characterized by high winds and blinding precipitation


Sudden blizzards can cause terrible damage to infrastructure as well as danger to human life.


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