Natural Disasters - Flood

Blizzards - Earthquake - Flood - Forest fire  - Hurricanes - Tornado - Tsunami - Volcano

Floods are caused by too much rain or water in a location.  Many reasons could lead to a flood, including prolonged rainfall from a storm, thunderstorms, rapid melting of snow, overflowing rivers from excess rain, bursting of man-made dams or levees.

Generally, occurrences of floods are more frequent in low-lying land.  Some plains may periodically flood; known as a flood plain.  Ancient Egypt relied on these floods for agriculture.

Monsoon rainfalls can also cause floods, such as in Bangladesh due to extended periods of rainfall.

Volcanic eruptions can cause melting of ice and snow quickly- therefore flood a plane.

Hurricanes and tsunami's are also included.

To prepare for a flood, huge mechanical barriers can be used to protect the water from flowing across the flood-prone areas such as those prepared in London's River Thames, Venice, and Netherlands.


  • Huang He in China

  • Great Flood in 1931


Flooding in Asheville, North Carolina in July 1916



Flooding caused by Hurricane Wilma in the Florida Keys.

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