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Fact file

Date: 1000 BC – 1500 AD

Area: Central America

The Mayan civilization was located around central America, from the north Central right down to southern Mexico.

Elements associated with the Mayan civilization have been found to date back to 1000 BC.

Like in our world, the Mayan civilization had different periods including:

  • Mid-Preclassic / Mid-Formative (600 BC) During the Mid-Preclassic period, some of the earliest Maya complexes had been constructed.
  • Classic period (250 – 900 AD) The later Classic period witnessed the urban center construction and the recording of monumental inscriptions.
  • Post-classic period (900 AD – 1519)

When the Spanish arrived in 1519, most of the centers had substantively declined.

The Maya people had not disappeared, neither at the time of the Classic period nor with the arrival of Spanish conquistadores.  The Maya persist in contemporary Mesoamerican societies maintaining a distinctive set of traditions and beliefs, despite adoption of Roman Catholicism.

Many different Mayan languages are still spoken as their primary language.


A fresco mural at Bonampak:

A stucco relief in the museum at Palenque:

Maya temple with intricate roof comb and corbeled arch:

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