Quantum Theories

There are two sections of which all the different Quantum Gravity theories can be placed under.

Remember that they are only 'hypothesis' - an educated guess - hypothesis are neither wrong or right.  Scroll down to the bottom to find more information about a 'hypothesis'

Loop Quantum Gravity

String theory

This is an attempt to blend together quantum mechanics and general relativity.

The Loop Quantum Gravity theory states 3+1 dimension (indicating that is a different type of dimension than the three-dimensions)

Time is not continuous but discrete and quantized, just as space is: there is a minimum moment in time, Plank time, which is 10-43 seconds.

Originates from the study of quark confinement (the physics phenomenon that quarks cannot be isolated)

A string is roughly Planck length

h = Dirac's constant
G = gravitational constant
c = speed of light in vacuum

Fundamental building blocks are one-dimensional extended objects (strings) rather than zero-dimensional (particles)

Calculations don't involve (three axes of space and one of time) but instead 10,11, or 26 dimensions with string theories with both spatial dimensions and compact or collapsed dimensions (anything moving along this dimension's direction would return to its starting point almost instantaneously ; this cannot be observed as this is smaller than the smallest particle)



The definition of 'Hypothesis'- a proposal intended to explain certain facts or observations

In Greek, the associated word means- assumption

A hypothesis is purely an educated guess wish scientific backing. Note that a hypothesis doesn't necessarily need to be 'unproved' since it hasn't been 'proven'.  If the hypothesis has been proved, it is a theorem, usually indicated with a QED (Quad Erat Demonstradum) stamp usually from an educational centre.

One really important thing to notice is that if a hypothesis is using another hypothesis, then it may create a chain, and if one of the 'parent' hypothesis are incorrect, then all the children are too incorrect then.

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